Summer Guards
Liminal Sea
4-Way Split
The Darker Corners
of Your Heart

Darling I'm Your Devil
Where Matter Lives
The Ninth House
Of Prometheus

The Dead Lover's
Benevolent Return
The Ninth House
Of Prometheus
May 2, 1976
(remastered 2015)
Left-Handed Label

Recorded in Portland OR,
Anacortes WA, Olympia WA, and Pueblo CO.

Additional musicians:
Alexa DiSalvo- vocals
Suzanne DiSalvo - theremin
Zicmuse - clarinet

Put on your helmet and strap yourself in for a journey into the outer reaches of the audio
sphere. Available to the public for the first time, this lost soundtrack to The Ninth House Of
Prometheus is sure to take you to unexplored corners of the stereo.

Watch Tyson Theroux's first 3 installments of the slatted 9 episode adventure!

The Ninth House of Prometheus: Episode 1 from Apartment 5 Films on Vimeo.