Summer Guards
Liminal Sea
4-Way Split
The Darker Corners
of Your Heart

Darling I'm Your Devil
Where Matter Lives
The Ninth House
Of Prometheus

The Dead Lover's
Benevolent Return

Summer Guards
SUMMER GUARDS is now out on cassette and digital download! Limited edtion of 100 magenta
cassettes with digital download, and Pop Rocks through Curly Cassettes. Perfect for your next
impromptu bedroom dance party!


The Ninth House of Prometheus

THE SHIP HAS LANDED: The Ninth House of Prometheus
This one has been hidden away in the vaults for a few years waiting for the right beings to unearth
it. Luckily Tyson Theroux came along and created a film based on the music and took it to a whole
other galaxy. This soundtrack explores the science fiction genre through a '70s lens, uniquely
combining elements of classical, jazz, funk, and experimental music.