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Darling I'm Your Devil
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Benevolent Return
Darling I'm Your Devil
Oct. 17, 2000
Left-Handed Label

Recorded on 4+8 track in the bedrooms of Portland OR and
Anacortes WA.

Darling I'm Your Devil, Nate Ashley's second album is, like his debut, quality personal indie pop,
with breathy vocals and uplifting melodies that tug with an interesting tension at the oft-melancholic
words. While there's not a great stylistic difference between this and the previous Where Matter Lives,
it's definitely less acoustic folk-rock-ish in flavor. It's hardly slick, but certainly has greater diversity
and range in its production and arrangements. There's an interesting cross-section of acoustic and
electric guitar textures and odd effects, like bubbling but gutsy electronic beds on "Glayva," the funk
guitars on "Vehicle of Groove," the Beach Boys-like harmonic overdubs on "Close Your Eyes," an
harmonium-like sounds (maybe it's even really a harmonium: one guesses with trepidation in this
electronic age) on "Ana." Often such eclecticism works against and overwhelms gentle singer-
songwriters, but fortunately in this case, it complements rather than undercuts the material.
Ashley's persona remains intriguing: he's a compassionate tunesmith who nonetheless often dwells
upon loneliness, romantic ache, and recrimination. Those whispered vocals mean that it does take
intent and repeated listening to get the most out of the lyrics, but usually it is worth the effort.
- Richie Unterberger, AllMusic