Summer Guards
Liminal Sea
4-Way Split
The Darker Corners
of Your Heart

Darling I'm Your Devil
Where Matter Lives
The Ninth House
Of Prometheus

The Dead Lover's
Benevolent Return
The Darker Corners
Of Your Heart
March 18, 2003
Left-Handed Label

Recorded in the bedrooms of Anacortes WA, Olympia WA, and Pueblo CO.

Additional musicians:
Alexa DiSalvo, Jacob Navarro,
Rebecca Pearcy, and Jeremy Loomis-Norris.

You're So Cold written by
Karl Blau & Brian Malloy.

Nate’s been creating dark and dreamy pop for some time now and his latest album just pushes his
sexy and sensual envelope a little further. In fact, Nate might be the only guy who can claim a sexy
music title and not come off corny at all for it. You listen to this album and the songs bathe over you
like a long-lost lover coming back to hold you again. “The Will of Water” is achingly hot to the point
of breaking and “Billy, Bonnie, & Butch” casts an outlaw tale that is not to be missed. The whole affair
is strange, surreal, and one way to spend a hell of an evening. So turn down the lights and let Nate
Ashley play on. - Jason Thompson, Pop Matters